pcaprub problem on backtrack 5

26 07 2011

When I use auxiliary/scanner/ip/ipidseq module on BT5, I got the problem of pcaprub. It said “The Pcaprub Module is not available: no such file to load — pcaprub”. pcaprub is the libpcap-like library implemented with ruby. If we specify where it is, it could work all right.

1. Compile pcaprub. Notice that pcaprub.so is the output.
ruby extconf.rb
make install

2. Browse to /opt/framework3/msf3/external/pcaprub.
pcaprub.so is located here as well. This path will be added to RUBYLIB for msf later.

3. We need to edit /opt/framework3/scripts/setenv.sh by inserting our pcaprub.so’s path into RUBYLIB variable.

4. Concat our target path.

5. Verify our modification.

6. Well, I tested with metasploit v4, it’s a well-known title, isn’t it?

7. Let’s play our module, auxiliary/scanner/ip/ipidseq. It should work well.

Thank you for thed0ct0r from backtrack-linux.org forum



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