Portable Backtrack4 on USB drive

20 03 2011

If you wanna carry Bt4r2 with you, you need to persistently install it on your portable drive. The best choice is a 8GB usb stick. Well, you need to concern your system’s size growth.

The official video tutorial on how to install can be seen from offensive security.
BackTrack 4 Persistent USB Install Video

If you prefer a static page, visit
Persistent USB

However, there is the easiest way to create your portable bt4r2, it utilises LiLi – Linux Live USB Creator

After you download and install it, follow these instructions:

step1: browse your target usb stick
step2: choose bt4r2 image, I downloaded it as an iso file.
step3: select persistent size, this signifies a persistent area that you can update,store or make any change to your bt4r2. Thus, make it as big as you can. The limit is 4GB.
step4: Leave it as default setting. You may need to format your usb stick first.
step5: Click the lighting symbol, and wait for 20 minutes.

Enjoy your backtrack4r2, it is with you now.



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