msconfig-like setting in CentOS

21 01 2010

To illustrate, let’s see the run level in CentOS by display inittab file.

> less /etc/inittab

Then, you’ll see details of running level.


Level 0 Halt
Level 1 Single User Mide
Level 2 Multiuser Mode but no NFS–no networking
Level 3 Full Multiuser Mode
Level 4 Unused
Level 5 X11–Default
Level 6 Reboot

OK, now we can examing all the services in our CentOS by
> /sbin/chkconfig --list

If we want to enable a service to run after booting up the system, just

>/sbin/chkconfig squid --add

In some cases, you may want to run a scheduled task at a period of time, you can control it with crontab.

See CentOS crontab for more details.



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